December 2019
113 Reasons To Visit Skellig Michael That Have Nothing To Do With Star Wars!
With December’s release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, we have no doubt that there will be a predictable influx of people interested in visiting the stunning Skellig Michael island in order to connect with Rey, Luke, and the Star Wars legend in general. However, there are many great reasons to visit Skellig Michael that...
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11Why Skellig Michael Is The Ultimate Pilgrimage For Star Wars Fans
Star Wars puts the ‘fan’ in ‘fanatical’ as it boasts some of the movie industry’s most enthusiastic enthusiasts! And, while many still debate whether Greedo or Han shot first (it was Han) or whether the Ewoks are actually good (not touching this one), the die-hard Star Wars fans are booking vacations to the West Coast...
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