July 2020
What Should American Tourists Not Do While Visiting Ireland?
After our blog in April about Dos and Don’ts When Coming to Ireland, we got a few questions from Americans asking what they should or shouldn’t do when visiting the Emerald Isle. Let’s start by saying that Ireland is a welcoming country, and that the Irish are pretty laid-back. In fact it would probably take...
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The Dos and Don’ts when Coming to Ireland
So you’ve decided to visit Ireland. You have two weeks and you want to know how to fill your time. Two weeks is a lovely pocket of time for a trip to Ireland; you won’t be able to cover everything the country has to offer, because Ireland is just too rich for that, but you...
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How Dangerous is Northern Ireland?
The entire island of Ireland is packed full of natural beauty, friendly people, and fascinating history (both ancient and modern). In recent years, there has been a much bigger tourist interest in Northern Ireland than ever before. Perhaps this is because of the interest in Game of Thrones and all of its Northern Ireland filming...
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Why are There More Irish in America than in Ireland?
Here at Overland Ireland, we welcome hundreds of lucky travellers each year, and a surprising number of them are of Irish descent. In fact, there’s something about Irishness that seems to fill people with pride and we find that many of our guests really value that part of their heritage. For many, their trip to...
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