An Irish Valentine – The Claddagh Ring

Almost every guest on our small group tours ask us the same questions: ‘What is the best gift to bring home to my beloved?’ ‘What’s a nice gift to bring home after one of our Ireland small group tours?’

Although there are many wonderful things you can buy along the way our favourite recommendation is he Claddagh Ring. And it is only fitting to tell you about this iconic symbol and piece of history on Valentine’s Day.

A Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh Ring is a symbol from the old fishing village, The Claddagh, in the centre of Bohemian Galway City. This is one of the stops on your small group tour with Overland.

The ring was originally designed to represent the village and the foundations of a perfect relationship. The ring is made up of three parts with significant meaning – A heart in the middle for love, hands at each side of the heart for friendship and a crown on top to represent loyalty. Any relationship with these solid elements should last the test of time.

It is tradition for a mother to pass on her Claddagh Ring to her daughter when she turns eighteen. The girl will place the ring on her right hand with the heart facing outwards. This means that she is looking for love, a soulmate, a match.

When this girl meets the person of her dreams and decides to marry she will take the ring and place it on her left hand with the heart facing inwards – Heart to heart. She has found the one and her heart has been given.

The Claddagh Ring is also worn by men as a wedding ring.

So if you are looking for love this year on your small group tour of Ireland be sure to look down and see if the object of your affection is wearing a Claddagh Ring and which way the heart is pointing! It might save you a few Euro buying them a drink or a few precious hours chatting the wrong person up!

Happy Valentine’s Day from us all at Overland Ireland Small Group Tours xxxx

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