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Travel Tips

The local travel tips from the Overland Ireland team help you figure out the best time to travel, what to pack, what to expect while you’re here, and generally how things work in Ireland so your trip is smooth sailing.

packed suitcase for vacation
Ireland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, with people visiting from all over the world. Unless you’re visiting from the UK or somewhere else nearby, you probably won’t know how to pack for our weather and the kinds of experiences on offer here. With this short guide, we hope to answer...
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kayaking with dolphins in Dingle Bay
The Emerald Isle isn’t just a place of beautiful landscapes and incredible culture. It’s also a haven for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies; with its rugged terrain, sloping hills, and rolling waves. Ireland is the perfect place for climbing, kayaking, surfing, and so much more! At Overland Ireland, we love to show off the best spots...
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Ring of Kerry vista
Looking for a concise list of all the must-see sights when visiting Ireland? Well, Overland Ireland has you covered. This list of sights and highlights is here to help as many people as possible, whether you book a trip with Overland Ireland or not.  But if we impress you in this guide and you’d like...
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Ireland is most popular in the summer and it occurred to all of us here at Overland Ireland that we’ve never written a guide dedicated specifically to our beautiful Emerald Isle during its warmest, busiest month. We’ll hopefully help you learn more about Ireland and perhaps inspire a few readers to start planning their next...
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Man Hike
If you’re thinking of visiting Ireland soon, there are some things you should know before you come over that will make your trip all the more enjoyable. Some of these are just fair warning so you’re not caught off guard. Others are cultural norms that will help you to fit in with the locals better...
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Ashford Castle
If you blink on your Irish road-trip you might miss a castle! We have a staggering 30,000 castles dotted throughout the country between ruins, renovations, family homes, and luxury estates. Guests can enjoy castle visits, overnight stays and gourmet experiences. You may even stumble upon a castle ruin l, creating an unexpected highlight on your...
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Carrick a Rede group Photo
Ireland more than deserves its reputation as a wild, green land full of sensational scenery, majestic mountains, and beautiful beaches. All of this makes Ireland an adventurer’s dream, and it’s why Overland’s Zest Tours of Ireland are packed with adventure activities — mixed in with cultural experiences as well. Young or old there’s no specific...
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To say Ireland is unique is an understatement. There isn’t any other country on Earth like Ireland and this is why so many people visit our humble shores each year. Our countryside is wild and immediately recognisable, our coastline is rugged and packed with sea life, and our cities and towns are brimming with life,...
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dunguaire castle galway
While many people visit Ireland for its culture, its beautiful scenery, and its friendly people, it’s often Ireland’s history that leaves the most lasting impression. And one thing we’ve noticed here at Overland Ireland is that people visiting from North America are especially impressed by our castles. Given that there are over 30,000 castles and...
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What Should American Tourists Not Do While Visiting Ireland?
Let’s start by saying that Ireland is a welcoming country and that the Irish are pretty laid-back. In fact, it would probably take quite a lot of effort to get us riled up about something! However, if you want the smoothest trip possible, then there are a few things tourists might want to avoid doing...
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