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Overland’s Guide to the Best Self-Guided Tours of Ireland

Did someone say road-trip?

That makes our imagination and excitement levels go wild! Nothing is impossible when you hit the open road on the Wild Atlantic Way or the passageway of the Ancient East! Discovering the highroads and byroads along Ireland’s coastline is a journey you will never forget!

A self-drive trip in Ireland is a wonderful way to explore the country and we’d like to offer a quick guide on the topic for anyone who has never considered this kind of Ireland tour before.

If this guide inspires you, check out our entire range of Self-Guided Ireland Tours and reach out if you have any questions.

Self-Guided Ireland Tours Save Time

Overland Ireland knows Ireland like the back of our hand. We have tried, tested and loved all our experiences and pit-stops on the itineraries. We will save you time and pick out the very best Ireland had to offer.

This way, you enjoy the freedom of exploring Ireland yourself, but with all of the expertise and local knowledge we bring to the table.

Self-Drive Tours are the Best way to Tick off Your Bucket List

Cliffs of Moher

Turn your bucket list into a reality! You have so much flexibility with an Irish self-drive holiday.

Did you want to discover your roots and find out where your great-grandfather boarded a ship to the promised land of America? We will direct you there.

Did you hear about the stunning cliffs on the Arann Islands? No problem. We will rent you bikes and send you to the top of Dun Aengus to ‘Ooh and Ahh’ over the views over Galway Bay.

Have you heard about the spectacular traditional music sessions in Westport? We know you will love tapping your toes to the tunes in Matt Molloys with locals and tourists alike!

Nothing is impossible. All you have to do is give us a list and we will do the rest!

Ireland Self-Drive Tours Offer…

Self-guided tours of Ireland give you a real sense of independence and flexibility. You are not relying on big groups of guests surfacing each day or rallying round after an activity.

You can take the tour at your own pace and be spontaneous. You can pick and choose your activities each day and change your mind depending on your mood! 

Our concierge service through our innovative virtual tour-guide app – Paddy the Pocked Pilot — will help you manage your bookings, itinerary, and experiences.

This is the ultimate in independent travel with the crutch of our local expertise at Overland HQ. We will always be at the end of the line should you have any questions or problems on your self-drive Ireland vacation.

Flexibility With Self-Drive Tours

There are no set dates for a self-drive tour to Ireland. You choose the dates and how long you can spend in our wonderful little country.

If you change your mind about your itinerary one day why not make a few tweaks to suit you and your co-passengers?

You are in the driving seat. It’s your holiday – do it your way.

Meet the Locals

Hold a lamb

Although you are on an independent tour of Ireland we will introduce you to our friends and friendly locals the length and breadth of Ireland. All our experience providers are the most friendly and accommodating people we know with the best local knowledge around.

Meet Maeve in Kinsale and taste her delicious omelettes.

Let Barry take you on a fantastic walk of the same town and be blown away with his humour and knowledge.

Noel in Dingle will bring you kayaking around the bay so you can discover the cliff caves and look for dolphins.

In Galway, our giddy guides will give you the ultimate gourmet and history tour of the culture capital of Europe!

Paddy the Pocket pilot will give you excellent recommendations each evening for ‘craic’ (fun) and entertainment. He will make sure you get to strike up a conversation with some characters over a pint of the black stuff in the best pubs on your Irish self-drive holiday.

Accommodation on your Self-Drive Tour of Ireland

The world is your oyster for accommodation choices on your self-drive tour.

You can choose to live like royalty and stay in castles, luxury guesthouses and hotels along the route and we will guarantee you the best deals around as part of your self-drive package!

We love to give guests a mix of accommodation types, helping them experience the REAL Ireland.

Indulge your Sense of Adventure

Blarney Castle

Rev up the engine of your car and hit the open road with a giddy sense of adventure if you choose a self-drive Ireland vacation. There is nothing more exciting than navigating a new country, taking on a new adventure.

For every corner you turn we will have chosen an epic off-the-beaten-track location for you to explore.

You will see things you will not read about in the guidebooks and ‘stumble upon’ breath-taking views and sites defining Irish culture and heritage!

Each day we will be sure to include an exciting activity you will be boasting about each evening as you wind down in one of our celebrated pubs or restaurants!

That’s all we have for today’s guide. We hope we’ve inspired you to plan the best self-drive tour of Ireland ever. Or at least we hope we helped you understand what to expect.

Your next big adventure is only a few clicks away! If you’ve discovered that self-guided tours aren’t for you, perhaps you’d like to consider our Private Ireland Tours instead.

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