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Overland’s Vegan, Vegetarian, and Pescatarian Tours of Ireland

Overland Ireland isn’t suddenly offering exclusive vegan tours of Ireland! That isn’t our plan at all and we don’t want to give this impression. However, we recently had some really great experiences customising our tours for some lovely vegan and vegetarian groups. In doing this, we realised that our range of small-group tours of Ireland and self-drive tours of Ireland easily lend themselves to being veganised (genuinely a real word). We also realised that we enjoyed the logistics involved in customising the experience for the groups.

As a result of this, Overland Ireland would like to announce that all of our tours now come with the ability to be made vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian, and we’d like to tell you a little more about this. And we think perhaps more people should be interested in this topic than they might think; after all — even if you eat meat five times a day, perhaps someone you’d like to explore Ireland with is vegetarian, vegan, or pescatarian.

Why are Overland Tours Easily Converted into Vegan & Vegetarian Tours?

The quick answer to this question is that we could have always offered vegan and vegetarian tours — it was just that no one had ever asked us! 

We either run small-group tours or we have self-drive tours. Either way, our tours spend a lot of time in Ireland’s great outdoors — and this has given Overland a healthy respect for the environment. This ethos in itself is a great fit with many of the ideas and ideals of vegan and vegetarian guests.

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Food is such an important part of travel. For many, it’s the most important part! Ireland’s lush and fertile farmland makes for some of the best fresh vegetables in Europe. This means that vegans and vegetarians are treated to extremely high-quality produce every day of their trip. And if you are a pescatarian, you will also have access to a plethora of beautiful seafood from local fishermen up and down Ireland’s famous coastline.

Another reason why Overland Ireland’s offering can be so easily veganised is down to our team of tour guides. This incredible collection of Ireland experts have made it their passion to live and breathe everything to do with the Emerald Isle, learning far more about the country than anything you could find online or in guidebooks. This means that our guides are perfectly positioned to change a tour based on your needs and preferences.

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In fact, we’ve found that we thoroughly enjoy the logistical challenge of ensuring that our tours are vegan or vegetarian friendly.  And even if you just like to dabble in vegan or vegetarian food, our guides can recommend the best eateries in every town and city we visit.

We’re talking about veganising tours here, but we also offer much more freedom to change every single detail on our Tailor-made Tours of Ireland.

Tell Us You Want a Vegan, Veggie, or Pescatarian Tour of Ireland

Eat, Drink And Be Merry On Your Overland Ireland Tours

We’d like to encourage guests to be as forthright as they like regarding their dietary needs and requirements. Just tell us whatever the hell you like to eat and we’ll make it happen! It’s Overland’s job to give you the Ireland trip of a lifetime, and we can only do this by listening to you and giving you what you need. Food can be touchy and personal subject for many people, so we hope our candour regarding this topic will reassure anyone reading. 

You can make specific requests when booking your Overland Ireland tour. While not everything is possible — if it’s doable, then we have you covered!

If you have any specific questions for us, you can get in touch in whichever way suits you. You can even use the live chat function at the bottom of the screen to get some answers straight away! Everyone here at Overland Ireland is extremely pleased to add another string to our bow and we look forward to helping many more vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians enjoy their own perfect tour of Ireland.

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