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Sales and Logistic Coordinator


Think of me as your Dream Maker. I bring together the moving parts, sprinkle a touch of magic, and turn your visions into reality.

So, I’ve always had this itch for adventure and a soft spot for soaking in different ways of life. I have been lucky enough to have had the chance to live and explore some incredible places like New Zealand and Canada, and those adventures sparked something inside me!

But you know what’s kind of sweet? It’s like no matter how many places I found myself in around the globe, Ireland had this friendly way of giving me a little nudge, almost like an old friend saying, “Hey, come back and enjoy some craic!”

So, here I am, back where my heart feels right at home, surrounded by the charm and laughter that Ireland does best.

Likes: First up, no explanation needed – hot chocolate! Then, there’s hiking – yep, strapping on the boots and hitting the trails, it’s like my version of a real-life adventure video game. And last but definitely not least, that iconic black stuff in a pint glass. Yep, you guessed it, I’m talking about Guinness. It’s like Ireland’s way of saying, “Here’s a pint of joy”

Dislikes: Rats and onions

Favorite place in Ireland: Oh this one is hard but it might have to be Dingle. The ocean views are so good they’ll have you wondering if Ireland struck a deal with Mother Nature herself.

Languages: English is my first language, no doubt about it. But here’s a fun twist – I went to an all-Irish school so I can definitely teach you a word or two. Spanish and oh là là, French!