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Small Group Adventure Tours Ireland

Small Group Adventure Tours Ireland: Our Only Focus

Small group travel is all that we do . And it’s all we’ve ever done, from the beginning.

Because our company originated with the small group Irish Adventure travel experience, the small group philosophy means a lot to us. It is built into the very foundation of our company, of our mission, and of every tour that we offer. We design and operate our Irish adventure tours specifically for small groups, rather than adapt a conventional tour to take fewer guests, as do some other travel companies that recently have “introduced” small group tours to their standard tour line-up.

We’ve proven that small groups and excellent value, combined with premium quality, are a great mix. While you’re sure to find cheaper Irish adventure tours ,  you won’t find the combination of value, quality, superior accommodations and amenities, and guaranteed small group adventure tours of Ireland that we offer.

How do we do it? We create and operate our own tours then offer them directly to you – so no middlemen add to the cost along the way. We work closely with our accommodation, and other travel partners to secure the lowest rates possible. Then we put those rates to good use by offering our adventure tours at an excellent value – not necessarily the lowest price, but the best ratio of price to experiences, quality, and service.

We invite you to compare our Irish Adventure tours with those of other travel tour operators – group size to group size; accommodation quality to accommodation quality; included sightseeing to included sightseeing; itinerary to itinerary – and see for yourself. You’ll find that Overland Ireland offers the best package of small group tours of Ireland travel and premium quality – at an excellent value.

The Small Group Experience

We design our escorted Ireland Adventure tours specifically for small groups, which allows us to move about more flexibly and efficiently; enjoy more spontaneous encounters; and experience a degree of freedom and independence simply not available to travelers on conventional group tours of Ireland.

Traveling on your own you’d see the major sights, but chances are you’d stick close to the traditional tourist routes. Our goal is to show you the major sights and take you where you’d like to go on your own but don’t have the access or opportunity to plan yourself: behind the scenes, into private homes and traditional Irish villages, to local schools and neighborhood restaurants, off the beaten path. And this is all in the company of experienced adventure tour guides who share their countries – and their lives – with you, bringing Irish destinations alive in a truly personal and meaningful way.

Not only do these opportunities enhance your travels, but someone else makes the arrangements and manages all the details – leaving you free to savor the small group adventure tour experience.


Respect for Your Freedom and individuality

If you’ve avoided taking small group adventure tours, preferring to travel on your own, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the service, independence, and value that Overland offers. And if you’re a veteran of traditional small group tours, we’re confident you’ll be impressed by the many advantages of small group travel, as well as by the high quality and outstanding value you’ll enjoy with Overland Ireland.

We offer the best of both worlds: the value, ease, and comprehensive itinerary of a group tour, and the freedom, quality, and service that sophisticated travelers demand, and deserve. With Overland Ireland you won’t feel like you’re part of a herd – we value your independence and individuality as much as you do.


What are the benefits of Small Group Adventure Tours Ireland?

Cows in front of a castle in Ireland

Overland Ireland will take you a spectacular small group adventure tour of Ireland that you will never forget!! What makes us better than any other adventure tour provider? We only bring small groups so that you can really get off the beaten track. You can enjoy what the real Ireland has to offer without having to deal with crowds for a truly authentic Irish adventure experience.


Challenging Irish Adventure Tour Travel Destinations

Whilst it can be fun to mix independent Irish adventure travel with joining group adventure holidays in Ireland there are certainly some destinations where we would highly recommend the latter. Whenever you venture off the beaten in Ireland or access is difficult or just the logistics of travelling around would require more time than a limited Irish adventure holiday allows, then organised small group adventure travel is usually the most sensible route to follow. Take the stress from your visit to Ireland and let our experienced adventure guides take the hassle out of organising your Ireland adventure tour and Ireland adventure activities by coordinating it all for you.


Your Truly Irish Experiences

Your small group Adventure tour of Ireland can often provide a classic example of group versus independent travel. People try to pack in too much and cover huge distances in a limited time when they organise their travel themselves. There is also the endless red tape, the queuing, the ‘way of doing things’ that ‘tourists’ simply don’t understand. It can all prove exhausting.  Your adventure tour leader takes on the hassle of organising your accommodation and travel, negotiating on transfer rates and so on, allowing you to actually enjoy Ireland!


Overland Ireland – Professional Irish Adventure Tours

Dolphin jumping next to a boat in Ireland

Pre-booking an adventure trip with a reputable company such as Overland Ireland can complexly change an experience of a place  People can sometimes be tempted to book locally and, whilst there are reputable tour providers there are also a bunch of ‘cowboy’ operators which do not operate ethical Irish adventure tours,  and using below par equipment thus totally marring what should be a momentous achievement for you.


Guided Small Group Adventure Tours Ireland

You can have the most incredible group of people travelling with you on your Ireland Adventure, with the most amazing itinerary through the most wonderful destination but it can all go horribly wrong if you do not have a decent Irish adventure travel guide leading the way. Our guides at Overland will make your experience the best it can be, and we always make sure they have the right qualities and training them for such a vital role when bringing you on your small group adventure tour of Ireland.

Cliffs of Moher

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