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Visiting Ireland in 2021

Let’s be Having You Back to Ireland in 2021

Don’t rely on the luck of the Irish — book your Ireland trip early

It’s 2021 and the year definitely has a pretty bad hangover from 2020… But with the vaccine already being implemented in countries across the world, Ireland is opening up to tourists again! Eager travellers and Irish tour companies alike have been waiting for this day and we’re extremely excited to get back to the admittedly lovely business of showing off our beautiful country to enthusiastic guests. Here at Overland, it’s our responsibility to help people get excited about travelling again.

Many people like to plan their big Ireland vacation over a year in advance, and that’s grand; we hope you’ll look through our tours and find some inspiration. But we also know that some of you have been waiting for well over a year to visit the Emerald Isle and we hope you won’t rely on the luck of the Irish to get a spot.

In order to ensure as few people as possible miss out, Overland Ireland has added new dates, making as many of our tours as possible available to meet the rush of tourists coming to Ireland in fall/autumn. But places won’t last long; if you want to get straight into looking at your next big trip, check out our Small Group Tours of Ireland, or get in touch below to enquire about our tours and receive our email series for more practical information and travel inspiration.

Book ASAP to Avoid Disappointment

Flights to Ireland are about to fill up very quickly — and so will hotel rooms and tour places. Ireland more than deserves its popularity, and people around the world are jumping at the chance to get their share of our great green outdoors. This is why we urge people who have their hearts set on a 2021 Ireland vacation to book as soon as possible. Don’t rely on the luck of the Irish.

And even if you don’t choose Overland Ireland for your grand Irish adventure, please make sure you book from a company with great rescheduling and cancellation policies, and a small deposit system. If the policies aren’t clear, then don’t risk it. If you book with Overland and the pandemic inhibits your trip, you will always be allowed to reschedule for free, and our very small deposit means you won’t lose much if you decide to simply cancel altogether. As long as the airline you book with has fair rescheduling policies too, then there’s nothing to worry about!

Our Self-drive Tours of Ireland are Perfect for Cautious Travellers

white car on the road next to greenery

Travel is often characterised as inherently bold and adventurous. This is because it always requires some degree of bravery to head off to a new country — to choose new experiences over the safety of what you know and can control. However, that doesn’t mean that all travel entails the same degree of risk. For example, a hike up Mt Everest is a lot riskier than a climb up Ireland’s Croagh Patrick… One mountain is the highest in the world that requires a great deal of preparation and bravery; whilst the other is a beautiful little jaunt in the Irish countryside.

We make this point to explain why our Self-drive Tours of Ireland might be the perfect choice for people keen to travel but aren’t yet ready to commit to being part of one of our Small Group Tours of Ireland that includes sharing a minivan and bonding with like-minded travellers. In fact, we developed our self-drive tours specifically because of COVID-19, putting months and months of planning and love into creating a service we could be proud of. Here are a few of the things you can expect from a self-drive tour in Ireland with Overland:

Group hiking in Ireland
  • Enjoy absolute control over your Ireland trip, driving at your own speed and only including the tours and activities that interest you.
  • Perfect for careful travellers who want to avoid larger groups while still enjoying the benefits of travelling with a trained local guide.
  • Gain access to all of our tried (and loved) accommodation throughout the country. We’ve stayed in so many places over the years that we know all the best spots to stay in Ireland.
  • The trip is intricately planned by local tour guides, with all the information you could possibly need. And if you need more, you can get in touch or use our app.
  • We created an app to make your self-drive tour of Ireland even easier and more enjoyable. Our Paddy the Pocket Pilot app will provide you with an easy-to-follow daily itinerary, any tickets and passes you need, a map, travel tips, and information about all of the places you visit along the way.

So! Is Ireland going to be your big 2021 trip?

We’d love to help you decide and to answer any questions you might have.

Get in touch below to enquire about our tours and receive our email series for more practical information and travel inspiration.