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An illustrated character wearing a green "Ireland tours" hat and sunglasses, holding a red flag.


Overland Ireland Virtual Tour Guide


Paddy is our newest member of the team! What he lacks in physical 3D qualities he more than makes up for in expert itineraries, historical information, great eating and drinking recommendations and Irish lessons at the touch of a button.

You will receive access to Paddy the Pocket Pilot App when you book a Self-Drive tour with Overland Ireland. He will be with you 24/7 during your trip. Everything you need from ticket passes, locations of your accommodation and experiences, daily itineraries and live chat will be there for you!

Likes: Absolutely everything Ireland has to offer!
Dislikes: Running out of battery!
Favourite Place in Ireland: Paddy couldn’t possibly pick a favorite! He is Ireland’s biggest fan.
Languages: English, Irish, French and German