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Top 10 Travel Tips For Tours of Ireland

Travel Tips for Ireland Tours: Make the Most of Your Adventure!

Whether you’re visiting Ireland for the first time or you’ve been to the Emerald Isle before, you simply can’t beat travel tips and advice from locals.

And that’s exactly what you can find in this Overland Ireland blog!

As a leader in small-group tours of Ireland, we’ve explored our incredible country from top to bottom. It’s fair to say we know all the small things that help to create a trip that is as smooth and seamless as it is enjoyable.

Keep reading to find our top travel tips for visiting Ireland. And if any questions come to mind as you go, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for the answers you need.

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Prepare for the Unpredictable Irish Weather!

Ireland is known to experience all 4 seasons in one day, so make sure you don’t get caught out.

Even if you’re visiting in summer, bring plenty of layers so you can easily control your temperature. And don’t forget a raincoat!

Read our guide What to Pack on a Trip to Ireland for even more packing advice.

Beware of Irish slang!

You might misinterpret some sayings in Ireland. For example, ‘Having the craic’ does not mean substance abuse, it just means having fun.

‘Getting the shift’ does not mean being moved from one location to another, it means having a cheeky kiss with a lovely Irish person.

Our blog What Should American Tourists Not Do While Visiting Ireland? is packed with even more helpful advice for visitors from the US.

Active Tours Ireland Gadgets

Brush Up on Ireland’s Tipping Customs

We don’t necessarily tip everyone in the service industry. For example, tipping is not expected in pubs and bars – but that’s not to say you can’t reward exceptional service if you want to.

However, tips are expected in restaurants. It’s customary to leave around 10% of your total bill as a kind gesture.

You can find even more tips on tipping in our Guide to Tipping in Ireland.

Scan Your Passport and Other Important Documents

Email yourself a scanned copy or photo of your passport just in case you lost it along the way.

This is often enough to get you home after your tour of Ireland. You should also leave copies of your insurance details and credit card numbers with someone at home.

Bring the Right Travel Adaptors to Ireland

You will need an adaptor for your phone, camera, laptop, and other electronic devices. You might also like to bring a car adaptor so you can charge your phone along the way.

Don’t Forget to Take Out Travel Insurance!

It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Do not set out on your trip to Ireland without adequate cover in case of emergencies. Having insurance is always the best option!

packed suitcase for vacation

Pack an Extra Set of Clothes in Your Carry-On Luggage

Sometimes, luggage simply goes for a walkabout. If you’re the unfortunate one, you may not get your misplaced baggage back for 24 hours, if not longer.

Having some fresh clothes to change into can make a huge difference while you wait!

The useful advice keeps on coming in our blog What Should An American Know Before Visiting Ireland?

Bring a Small Backpack with You for Activities

Some adventures are challenging and you will need to bring supplies. You will truly appreciate having a bottle of water and an energy-rich snack to hand when you need them most!

If You Don’t Want to Stick Out as a Tourist DO NOT Wear an Aran Jumper

Sure, some people still wear them, but not many! For most, the Aran jumper is the sign of a tourist… not that there’s anything wrong with that! We just thought you might like to know.

Have an Open Mind Wherever You Go in Ireland

Talk to locals and embrace new cultures and traditions. You never know where the wind will take you on your adventure!

We fully understand that planning you Ireland tour can be difficult, so we hope that these Ireland travel tips have helped.

Find even more inspiration for your travels by browsing our small-group tours of Ireland. And if you have any questions for our team, please just get in touch!

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