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What our customers say about our Small group tours

just some of the great things our customers have had to say about
their experiences on our fully-guided small group tours of ireland
Tim Overland Ireland Tours

The tour was far above my expectations. Our tour guide Chris was extremely knowledgeable and had a great passion for the country. He was always happy to help out which is great as well.


The accommodation was always brilliantly located, always near the town so it was easy to get home after a few drinks. I wasn’t sure what to expect from B&Bs, however the places were all of great quality, really clean and comfortable.


Chris always had great recommendations for our evening meals and even joined us on a few occasions. We also had a vegetarian in the group and there was always plenty of options for everyone.


Ireland is an amazing country and I have never seen so many castles, tower houses, abbeys and monasteries. These small group tours offer a great mixture of culture and adventure and had something for everyone. Would really recommend this one.

Rok Overland Ireland Tours

The locations we visited were absolutely stunning and because it’s a small group venture we could go places that the big buses couldn’t get to. We got the full Irish experience and gave the trip an exclusive feel.


Really enjoyed the activities as well. The van was incredible comfortable and everyone had plenty of space, the fact that we had internet on board was really cool. Was great during the longer drive to add some pictures etc of our trip and to keep in touch with friends.


Overall excellent trip and would recommend to everyone.

Dermot Overland Ireland Tours

Travelled with Overland in August for a week and would recommend it very highly. This was the first trip of this type (bused from place to place with a small group of friends and strangers) that I had done.


Reinier, our driver/guide was very organised but always relaxed. We must have tested his patience a few times but he never showed it. He was warm and engaged and brought us to all the stuff that was worth seeing.


Some of the sites are truly amazing: Dun Aonghus is phenomenal albeit utterly terrifying if you’re afraid of heights and the Lost Valley was beautiful and oddly serene. Westport and Dingle are great drinking towns – they’re also just nice places; very pretty and well maintained.


All of the accommodation was of good quality, warm, secure and well placed in whatever town we were in so no trekking for miles to or from the restaurants or pubs or whatever. Must confess to being very surprised by the quality of the food. With one exception it was all very good and for the most part reasonably priced. Genuinely didn’t expect it to be so consistent.


The activities were great fun and all organised well ahead of time. We did Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Surfing and sailing out to the Aran Islands. Had never done any of those things before but really enjoyed them all. There was flexibility within the schedule if there was a particular activity that someone really wanted to do – Reinier was able to organise horse riding one of the days at reasonably short notice which was cool. As it turned out, we didn’t actually do it but that was for other reasons! Would do it again in a heartbeat. Made great memories with old and new friends.

Tomas Overland Ireland Tours

It is rare that I would consider a guided tour in Ireland, as I am Irish myself, but I was convinced to come on this tour to blow off some steam after a hard few months of work. The locations visited on the tour are all spectacular. The views from the top of Croke Patrick over Clew bay are spectacular; the bay itself boasting so many wonderful shades of blue, green and turquoise that is reminds one more of some tropical ocean than our own west coast.


Every night without fail was marked by an outrageous session, the first being in Westport, where the fact that it was Sunday night didn’t seem to put anyone off. The nights out and the beautiful scenery continued every day, with the occasional activity thrown in.


For example on day 2, I got to go supping, which is something I hadn’t done before. We had a chance to go surface on the sandy beach of Lahinch. Kite surfing was tentatively offered, but alas impossibly due to lack of wind. Of particular novelty was the chartering of a yacht to sail out to Inis Mór, where we gazed over the edge of Dún Aonghasa in our newly acquired Aran jumpers before settling into a feed of pints in Joe’s. Between the jigs and the reels, we had one final night out in Dingle before completing the ring of Kerry and heading back to Dublin.


This is only covering approximately half of the trip. There is so much packed into this small group tours. It really amounts to fantastic value, an unforgettable experience and a great credit to our guide and chauffeur Reinier, who put up with a lot from us and kept us entertained throughout. Many thanks

Ireland Adventure Tours is always happy to take you off the beaten track

Amazingly good tour – got picked up from the airport and traveled with others who joined the tour in a very homely comfortable style vehicle!!


Traveled between a variety of different locations, did things that suited all members of the party in a totally relaxed and enjoyable way. Active, but completely stress free, simple but brilliant.


Would happily recommend to anyone!

Small group tours let you discover the real Ireland with great personal service

Just had an amazing time here in Ireland. The tour was amazing – very well organized and very well looked after.


A must for anyone visiting Ireland.

Peewie Overland Ireland

It has been a very delightful and enjoyable hike. Almost best Irish weather. The guide was well prepared. We climbed up for some hours, it’s absolutely worth the view! Will come back and do it barefoot… maybe 😉 Cliffs are nearby. Mayo is fun.


Best for vacations in Ireland.

Stephanie Overland Ireland

My husband and I had the best vacation with Overland Ireland! We had a blast seeing the country by way of so many fun activities. I surfed for my very first time (and we live in Los Angeles!) and tried “Supping” – the best!


Our tour guide Clodagh was so much fun and she really went out of her way to make sure we had a great time. Everything Overland Ireland arranged was top notch and they went above and beyond to give us the best experience. Would love to book another trip with them!


Such a great way to experience Ireland – no matter if you’ve visited before or not. I highly recommend small group tours with them!

Kayla Overland Ireland

Booked the trip for my birthday and had an amazing time.


This was my first tour of Ireland (though I have been there before), and the whole experience made me love Ireland even more!


The scenery was breathtaking and the guides were amazing. I really enjoyed hanging out in the pubs and having the craic as well!

Ireland Adventure tours done right, we take you where other tours don`t go.

Awesome tour so much fun!


Un tour excelente muy divertido y muy recomendable.

Valentine Overland Ireland

I had an absolutely beautiful experience and our guide was amazing.


Great trip with lots of activities… I will definitely go back again.

Rory Overland Ireland

I had an absolute beautiful experience and our guide was amazing. Best of all the small group tours.


Great trip with lots of activities… I will definitely go back again.

Nicolas Overland Ireland

Avant l’aventure : Avant de réserver mon voyage, j’avais plein de question: l’équipe à apportée une réponse à toutes mes interrogations. Un service de qualité! Pendant l’aventure : Être assis au bord des falaises de Moher est quelque chose que je ne l’oublierai jamais . Le météo était super. Nous étions un bon groupe de persone ce qui a rendu le voyage encore plus intéressant. Je me suis fait de nouveaux amis avec qui je suis toujours en contact. Les activités étaient pour tous les niveaux. Le fait de voir tous les châteaux et comprendre comment les gens vivaient il y a des centaines d’années était juste incroyable. Nourriture et logement : Les B&Bs et chambres d’hôtes utilisés par Overland Ireland sont de très bonne qualité : toujours très bien situé, ce qui est un atout pour les soirées. Bien que la nourriture n’était pas comprises, notre guide nous à toujours fait de bonnes recomandations. La guide : Clodagh était incroyable et à un grand sens de l’humour. Elle était toujours prêtes à répondre aux besoins de tout le monde et avait une grande connaissance de tous les lieux que nous avons visités.


Conclusion : Lancez vous dans l’aventure avec Overland Ireland! C’est le meilleur moyen de profiter de l’Irlande.

Abigail Overland Ireland Tours Review

Fantastic trip!! Such an amazing way to see Ireland! The small group made it so much more personal and relaxing. The tour guides work so hard to customize the trip to what you want. While on the road, we decided that we would want to do something or see something, and we got to do it- you won’t get that on a giant tour bus trip! I am actually a college student studying abroad in Madrid, and decided I wanted to see Ireland. I booked this trip alone, but the whole Overland Ireland experience is so welcoming and warm! I had an amazing time and would really recommend it!

Helen Overland Ireland Tours Review

What a great tour! Saw everything we wanted to see, plus a number of sights we wouldn’t have known to look for on our own. The tour guide was friendly, accommodating, gave great recommendations, and was very helpful in avoiding tourist traps. The van was also much roomier than expected. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to get a lot out of their time in Ireland.

Bespoke Irish Adventures

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