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Getting to Ireland could not be easier

So, you decided that you want to visit Ireland and come on one of our fabulous small group tours of Ireland. The next step would be to book your flights. There are so many options and where do you start? For most people planning the trip is as much fun as the trip itself, for others the whole planning and booking is a nightmare. Either way we thought it would be nice to provide you with a few tips that brings you a step closer to your tour of Ireland.

cartoon plane

Flight Search

The Overland team loves to travel within Ireland but every so often we need out extra shot of vitamin D in the winter and that means going somewhere warm. It`s always easy to get a flight but getting a great flight is not that easy. For some people the price would be the most important factor when they choose a flight. For others, the length of the flight could be determent factor while others again prefer a bigger seat with a bit more legroom. A website that provides loads of information is Kayak. You can sort on price, the amount of flight time or the number of stops. If you have plenty of time to book your flights it will even tell you if the price listed is likely to go up or down, how good is that.

Aer Lingus staff


No better way to get into your tour of Ireland then choosing an Irish airline. If you come from the States Aer Lingus would the best choice. This might be a small airline but has big welcomes, excellent customer service, super friendly air hostesses and a great safety record on top of that. If you fly in from Europe you can also opt for Ryan Air. This airline has taken the aviation market by storm and has the newest planes. New to the market is Norwegian airlines. This company is incredible value for money with flights from the US to Ireland for as low as Euro 69 one way. For that amount you don`t get food but at least you get the option to bring the food you want to eat.

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On the plane for your tour of Ireland

Everyone knows that all bones and muscles go a bit stiff on a long plane voyage. Your ankles swell up like sausages and for some people it can be a little uncomfortable. Especially taller people can get squashed and are unable to move for long periods of time. The only thing standing in your way between you and your tour of Ireland is that long trip. You might not think it but you can practice yoga when traveling on an aircraft.

To feel great and energized during your flight, practice these amazing body shapes whilst sitting down or standing up in the aisle. You will see that you arrive way more relaxed at your destination.

Neck-rolls: When sitting down for long periods of time you can create loads of tension in your upper buddy. This excursive relieves this tension so you are all ready for your small group tour of Ireland. Just sit on the edge of you seat, rest your hands on your thighs and stretch your head back and on then allow your head to rotate forward. Keep repeating this in both direction.

Wake up the legs: This will relieve the tension from you knee joints. Repeat this exercise for about 20 times for getting the most out of it. Start out with both your legs together in front of you, press your right foot hard to the floor while bending your left knee and carry your thigh close towards your chest while keeping a straight back. Hold this position for about 20 seconds before tilting your knee back to the other site. Once done move to the other side.

Lengthen Spine: this will strengthen your back muscles and lengthens your spine, getting to feel more vitalized and ready for your tour of Ireland. For this one you will also need to start on the edge of your seat, while firmly press your feet firmly to the ground while aligned with your hips. Keep your spine really up-right. While you raise your arms, exhale to fold your body forward out in front of you whilst keeping your chin tucked in.

Shoulder opening: This one is one of our favorites as its top notch for your upper body and while this exercise is great for the upper body you do this standing up so it benefits the legs as well. Stand up in the aisle with both your feet aligned. Now roll your shoulders back as you interlock your hands behind your back whilst keeping a straight back. Press your fists down and away from your body and keep for about 10 seconds and repeat a dozen times.

Thigh stretch: this exercise is all about stretching your quadriceps but again you are standing up so it’s great for body on a plane in general. This is also one of the easiest exercises and you actually see loads of people doing them on a plane. Just lift you right foot off the floor so your lower leg is behind your body while you grasp your ankle with your hand and pull straight up until your heel is near your bum and hold for about 20 seconds.

Arrivals at Ireland airport

Ireland here I come

Once you have arrived on our beautiful Island you want to hit our Capital for some culture, scenery and epic craic You have several options to get there. The easiest way is also the most expensive one and that by just taking a taxi. The cheapest option would be public transport, there are loads of busses going every hour to the capital. Another nice option would be the airport shuttles. These are the in-between option and offer good value with great door to door service.

We hope this little article is a great preparation for your small group tour of Ireland. If you have any further questions just contact a member of our team or check out our FAQ page for more information.

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