Overland Ireland surfing adventures
Sometimes people are surprised to find that surfing is so popular in Ireland! This has always shocked the team here at Overland Ireland because the Emerald Isle has such a rich history of the sport. We’ve had a surfing culture since the “Bray Island Surf Club” was founded in 1964. However, the first-ever instance of...
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Surfing In Ireland: The Best Surf Spots On The Emerald Isle
The Emerald Isle has the perfect conditions for surfing, with a huge coastline that’s wracked by storms and powerful waves. The water might be a bit chilly but that’s nothing a wetsuit can’t deal with, and you can find excellent conditions around the island. If anything in this article inspires you to travel with Overland...
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The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In Galway
Galway is one of west coast Ireland’s most popular tourist destinations, because it’s one of the most vibrant and exciting cities to visit in the country. Galway is a city of food, history and culture, but more than this its coastal location means that it’s within easy reach of some of Ireland’s most spectacular scenery....
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17 Of The Best Hikes In Ireland
Ireland is one of the happiest and healthiest places to live in the world. Could it be the craic that keeps everyone’s going? Could it be the coast and countryside that soothe the soul? Or the long walks and fresh air with the great outdoors on the nation’s doorstop? There are over 2,500 miles of...
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The 27 Best Things To Do In Ireland
Our tours cover the length and breadth of Ireland, exploring rugged coastlines, magnificent countryside, and lively cities where the best food and drink awaits (and where the atmosphere is always electric). With so much to do, it’s hard to know where to start and end with your travel itinerary. Need a little inspiration to create...
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Tour Of Ireland Activity Review
During the winter our Overland guides try to eat, sleep and drink the adventure lifestyle. Part of our job is to try out and review new and current trip activities. We are constantly making new connections with adventure companies throughout Ireland and developing current relationships. to create the best tour of Ireland. What do we...
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