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What`s the best time for our Ireland adventure tours

So, you decided to visit the beautiful Island of Ireland for one of our Ireland adventure tours. The next decision is of course when, what is the best time of year and why. There could be so many factors involved and there is no right answer as you could be limited in your holidays or have other obligations during certain times of year. However, for the people who are flexible this article could be of great help.

Group hiking in Ireland

Our scheduled departures run from April till the end of October and our custom tours run all year round. Do you want to see an Atlantic storm in full force, the crunchy leaves, the soft sand of the beach, or the lush green grass beneath your feet? Or a mixture of each? Read the article to find out what’s best for you.

April – May Spring time

A great start to the year, the season to put the spring in one’s step. Because this is in between season, the crowds have yet to return and Ireland has a peaceful flow to it. Beaches are empty, the tourist hotspots are quiet and most of guests love this time of year. It’s the perfect time for one of our Ireland adventure tours.

Arguably, spring is the most picturesque season for Ireland. This is because in a sense, there are aspects of all the other seasons in one. Colours are creeping back into the countryside, the grass gets even greener, the ocean even bluer and all flowers spring back to life.

The weather can be a little up down during this time of year, however, due to our temperate climate it’s never cold. May has delivered some of the nicest weeks out there.

To conclude: the hay fever may kick in, but a sneeze is only temporary. The memories of an amazing spring in Ireland will last a lifetime.

A beach in ireland

June – August Summer is here!

This is also known as our silly season and can be very busy. It’s the most popular season with our tourist from abroad but also loads of Irish people love their stay-vacation.

With our adventure tour Ireland we try to avoid the tourist hotspots. Although our adventure tour Ireland goes off the beaten track, if you are the person who loves quiet time this might not be the season for you. It pays to remember though that in Ireland, there is enough room for everyone.

The Irish summer heat is comfortable, no need for air-conditioning although we always do recommend to bring sunscreen as the sun can be a bit strong at times.

If you’re a lover of the good old sun, summer is the obvious choice. There is no shortage of activities,  get your feet wet, and let your hair free. The days are really long this time of year so take your time. If you plan on a summer visit, we suggest booking your adventure tour Ireland early as normally we are fully booked this time of year.

Cliffs of Moher

September – October Autumn

Autumn, is a seriously underrated time of year for one of our Ireland adventure tours. The big crowds have left our wonderful Island and the climate is still pretty temperate. The average temperature is cooling but the ocean is still heating up which makes a dip still very pleasant.

One of the best parts about Autumn, are the colours. While the vibrant palettes of Spring and Summer are a sight to behold, the amazing yellows and oranges that sneak into our Island are incredible, especially some of our national parks like Killarney National Park are a perfect match for this adventure tour Ireland.

To conclude: if you want a quieter season, with many of the summer benefits, autumn is awesome and might be the time for your small group tour of Ireland.

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