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These are the 50 Best Pubs in Ireland, According to Instagram

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Ireland is most likely the best place in the whole world for a traditional pub. From Guinness to Whiskey – the country is world-famous for its tipples of choice.

Traditionally, the Irish culture was made up of three different social outlets: the church, the pub, and the local football club – and typically you’d go to the pub after attending one of the other two events. In fact, until recent years, the only place people would drink was the pub; it was rare to drink at home, because most of the enjoyment came from the socialising aspect. And this social atmosphere comes in heaps in an Irish pub specifically – why else do you think they would have replicated it across the world? Seriously, try and find a major city across the world that doesn’t have at least one Irish pub somewhere on its streets. It can’t be done.

With Irish pubs being an important asset of the country for both locals and tourists alike, we headed to Instagram to find out which pubs are the most popular in Ireland, according to Instagram – based on the number of photos geotagged at each pub.

Read on below to find out the full results.


In the top spot as the most Instagrammed pub in Ireland was The Temple Bar in Dublin, with 520,313 tags– after all, the iconic pub is basically a rite of passage when in Dublin.

In fact, 7 of the top ten pubs can all be found in Dublin. Café En Seine came second, with 39,358 tags. The bar is renowned for its five-star service, with an extensive food menu which reflects the ever-changing Irish palate – as well as a fantastic drinks menu, because you can’t have an Irish bar without a solid selection of top quality drinks.

Other notable bars include The Oliver Plunkett in Cork with 11,889 tags, and The Stag’s Head in Dublin, a pub that dates back centuries and has racked up an impressive 8,902 tags on Instagram.

Following The Temple Bar, the top 10 most Instagrammed pubs in Ireland are:

  • Café En Seine, Dublin
  • The Bernard Shaw, Dublin
  • Lusty Beg Island, Kesh
  • The Oliver Plunkett, Cork
  • Porterhouse Temple Bar, Dublin
  • The Stag’s Head, Dublin
  • Zozimus, Dublin
  • PantiBar, Dublin
  • An Pucan, Galway

One of the only few pubs to make the top 10 that wasn’t based in Dublin, An Pucan can be found in one of Ireland’s other famous cities: Galway. Notable nowadays thanks to the Ed Sheeran song (“Galway Girl”), the pub itself has been famous for a

long time as a genuine, great craic, proud to be Irish bar. So, it’s no wonder it’s racked up an impressive 8,276 tags on Instagram.

There were also a few pubs which we would recommend which didn’t quite make it into the top 50. These include Geoff’s Café Bar in Waterford – a great choice for live entertainment, and Matt Molloy’s in Co.Mayo – another venue which plays live traditional music 7 days a week.


In order to compile our list of the most Instagrammed pubs in Ireland we curated a list of the top 145 pubs across Ireland, by scouring trusted destination guides to find the most recommended and popular pubs in the country.

We then crawled Instagram using the geotag location feature to find out how many images had been tagged at each pub.

We used this number of posts to rank the pubs from most to least Instagrammed, and pulled out the top 50 most Instagrammed pubs for our final results.