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April 2016
Admit it! We all love a bargain and what we all enjoy even more than a bargain is when it costs us absolutely nothing. They say the best things in life are free and we have to agree. We have most things included during your Ireland vacation so during your trip you have nothing to...
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Myths And Facts About Ireland: Ireland Trip
Things you should know before coming on a tour of Ireland. Number 5 is especially important for ladies looking for love. Ireland trip  Myth All Irish People have Red Hair and Freckles. Fact Most Irish people in fact have dark hair. The famous song Galway Girl by Steve Earle depicts an image of a beautiful...
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Why Small Group Tours Rock?
1. Organised small group tours let you have the ultimate vacation in Ireland. You can mentally check out from real life and let yourself be taken on an adventure without a care in the world. You let your guide look after all the logistical headaches and let yourself focus on enjoying your trip. 2. Small...
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