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February 2017
The Wild Atlantic Way Epic Points
The Wild Atlantic Way epic points The Wild Atlantic Way can be the journey of a lifetime with 2500 km of great coastal roads. It was Ireland’s first long distance touring route. Whether you want to be active and dive into the fresh wild Atlantic or simply want to embrace the most scenic points this...
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With over 1,100km of rugged coastlines to explore, this 7-Day adventure tour of Ireland is packed full of zing as you journey from Kinsale to Westport.
New stop on our tour: Kinsale This year we are proud to have Kinsale as one of our overnight stops on our small group tours of Ireland. Kinsale is located about 25 kilometers from Cork and it’s originally an old fishing port. It takes its name from the Irish, Ceann tSaile – ‘Head of the...
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Kayaking in Ireland
Ireland – The Healthiest Country in the world They say the best things in life are free! We agree! On the Emerald Isle we offer breaths and breaths of unspoiled fresh air absolutely free to all our customers on their tour of Ireland. There are so many health benefits to signing up for an activity...
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What Makes A Great Adventure Tour Of Ireland?
What makes a great Adventure tour of Ireland? When we started the business, we asked ourselves what would make a great adventure tour of Ireland? I had loads of experience Overlanding in Africa with a few tours from London all the way down to Cape Town. These trips always provided the perfect adventure for me,...
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What Are The Best Ireland Tours?
Since we are writing this piece, we would say Overland Ireland has the Best Ireland tours. We can say this with the upmost sincerity as we wouldn’t have created the tours we did otherwise. It would be very strange to create the second-best tour of Ireland when you can create something better. As a customer,...
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5 Great Facts About The Cliffs Of Moher
During all of our tours of Ireland we stop at Ireland`s number one tourist destination, The Cliffs of Moher. This hotspot can be somewhat busy but since we are Overland we take you off the beaten track and avoid the masses. We show you the cliffs from a different perspective and only for a short...
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You Get What You Pay For!
So you booked you plane ticket and you are ready for your long awaited trip of a life time to Ireland. You know that the best way to get up and close with a country is to hop on a tour and with an expert guide that will tell you all about your amazing destination....
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What`S The Best Time For Our Ireland Adventure Tours
So, you decided to visit the beautiful Island of Ireland for one of our Ireland adventure tours. The next decision is of course when, what is the best time of year and why. There could be so many factors involved and there is no right answer as you could be limited in your holidays or...
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The Ultimate Ireland Tour - Cliffs of Moher
Almost every guest on our small group tours ask us the same questions: ‘What is the best gift to bring home to my beloved?’ ‘What’s a nice gift to bring home after one of our Ireland small group tours?’ Although there are many wonderful things you can buy along the way our favourite recommendation is...
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Small group tours of Ireland Facts During our small group tours of Ireland many guests have brought many fascinating facts about Ireland to our attention. Our guides keep expanding their wisdom about Ireland and in this blog, we thought it would be nice to share some of these little facts. Don’t worry though, during your...
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